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Terms & Conditions

Greenroads Malta is a private partnership and owner to all intellectual property of the  breeze mobile application and the domain. The breeze mobile application by Greenroads Malta has been developed for Users who download the application in order to carpool with other Users of the app.


  1. Definitions:


breeze: is a mobile application or app developed by Greenroads Malta.


Carpool/ing: for the purposes of this app, the term car-pooling is defined as a private arrangement amongst a number of Users who take it in turns to make use of an authorised vehicle within an identified carpool, in turn giving lifts to others forming part of the same car-pool. Such car-pools shall be free of charge or compensation in any shape or form among users within the same car-pool.


Driver: for the purposes of this app, any User registered with the app and having consented to the these terms and conditions and confirming that s/he is an authorized driver duly licensed and authorized to drive the vehicle being used for the carpool.


Identified Pool: occurs when at least two Users have accepted to perform the same or a similar Trip.


Closed Pool: occurs when at least one of the Users within an Identified Pool has closed the Identified Pool such that no other Users outside of the Identified Pool can view and/or request permission to join the pool.


vehicle/s: means any and all vehicles registered by the User on the app.


Passenger: a User who intends to carpool with a Driver on a particular date and time to a specific destination.


Trip: means a route created by a User having a specific date and time.  


User/s: natural persons registered with the breeze app.



2. By registering with the app, each registered User is hereby stating that s/he has read and understood and accepts the contents of these terms and conditions of use of the app.


3. When registering with the app and acting as a Driver, you agree and confirm that throughout your use of the app:


i) you hold a valid driver's license and certificate of insurance, which you will present as verification if requested by any of the Passengers prior to the commencement of a Trip or Greenroads Malta at any time;

ii) the vehicle you are driving has a valid third-party insurance;

iii) you have no contraindications or medical incapacity to drive;

iv) you will not be driving under the influence of alcohol or any substances that may impede your attention, focus and driving abilities;

v) you are using a vehicle that is in certified good working condition and complies with applicable law and regulations, including an up-to-date technical inspection;

vi) you will comply with all laws, rules, codes applicable to driving;

vii) your insurance covers passengers in your car;

viii) you are fully responsible and liable if any physical damage occurs to yourself and/or the passenger/s as a result of breaking these terms and conditions;

ix) you are the owner of the vehicle and/or have legal permission to drive the vehicle and are fully responsible and liable if any physical damage occurs to it;

x) you shall not allow/carry more passengers than is legally permitted in your vehicle.

xi) in case you need to cancel a Trip you can do so through the app and should you wish to leave a Closed Pool you are advised to do so through the app and also notify the other Users in the Identified Pool;


4. All details requested of you at registration stage and marked as mandatory are to be filled in, otherwise your registration process may not be finalized and you may not be able to use the app.


5. You warrant that you shall provide accurate and up-to-date details at registration stage.


6. As a Passenger using the app you agree that:


i) you hold a valid driving licence that you will present such or any other official document attesting your identity for verification to Greenroads Malta and the Driver if requested;

ii) you will behave appropriately during the Trip in such a manner as to not interfere with the Driver's concentration and conduct or the tranquility of other Passengers;

iii) respect the Driver's vehicle and its cleanliness;

iv) in case you need to cancel a Trip you can do so through the app and should you wish to leave a Closed Pool you are advised to do so through the app and also notify the other Users in the Identified Pool;

vi) not carry, during a Trip, any object, commodity, substance, animal likely to interfere with the conduct and concentration of the Driver or whose nature, possession or carriage is contrary to the legal provisions in force;


7. Greenroads Malta has the right to review and verify your registration details and if it has reason to believe that the details are untrue, false, fraudulent or otherwise, it may suspend or block access to the app for that User in order to protect other Users of the app.


8. All Users acknowledge that the use of the app is non-commercial and all Users registered to the app and acting as Drivers are non-professional and personal vehicle users.


9. Greenroads Malta warrants that:


i) it is solely providing a platform for online matching of Users intending to Carpool with other Users;

ii) it is not responsible or liable for any damages, resulting in late arrival/non-arrival at your destination, as well as any personal injury or damage to personal effects, including death which may occur to both Passengers and Drivers during their respective Trip;

iii) it may suspend a User account in the case a Driver solicits fees in money or in kind from its Passenger/s and/or professional vehicle Drivers try to use the app in order to gain services against payment through the app;

iv) it shall best endeavor to keep the app up and running at all times, with the exception of scheduled maintenance and any unforeseen technical faults which may affect the app and its’ use from time to time;

v) we reserve the right to use the data collected during your use of the app for our own research purposes to better the functionality of the app or for statistical purposes;

vi) all personal data is handled in accordance with Maltese data privacy obligations and is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as can be seen in our Privacy Policy;

vii) we reserve the right to share the data collected with third party suppliers for our own research purposes without divulging any personal information, but only in aggregate form;

viii) it is not responsible if any Users within an identified Carpool decide to voluntarily provide monetary compensation to the Driver.

10. Special Terms – University of Malta Students


i) University of Malta (UoM) students who create a Trip between 07:00 and 19:00 during week days for Trips ending within the confines of the grounds of the UoM in Tal-Qroqq, Msida, may input their UoM parking permit number when setting up a Trip.

ii) When a UoM student creates a Trip for the next day and successfully organizes a Closed Pool having at least 1 Driver and 2 Passengers in the vehicle during the dates and times mentioned in (i) above, s/he shall be eligible to reserved parking within the designated areas of the UoM grounds.

iii) At 06:00 each morning a list of Closed Pools having at least 3 Users including initials of the Users and permit numbers shall be sent to the UoM security team so as to verify said list upon arrival of the Users eligible for the reserved parking.


11. These terms and conditions are subject to Maltese law and may be updated/modified from time to time. In case of modification the users of the app shall be notified accordingly.


These Terms and Conditions have been drawn up and are effective from the 1st October 2018


© Greenroads Malta



©2018 by Greenroads Malta.