#saveyourspace at University!

If you're reading this, you're probably a student driver at Uni who is fed up with the parking problem. The photo below sums it up quite well.

Just a typical day at taken at 8:30 am!

We know the feeling...we've been there ourselves. But fret no more! You can now start getting a free reserved daily parking space by carpooling to uni with other students.

Greenroads Malta has recently teamed up with KSU to solve this parking conundrum! Here's how to #saveyourspace:

1) First, download our app ‘breeze’ to start carpooling to uni (well anywhere really!) on iPhone or Android.

2) Register to start creating trips of when you'd like to travel to uni, ⚠️ inputting your permit number in the ‘extra info’ field ⚠️ . This is very important as we'll know that you're a student and we can easily reserve your parking space at uni by sending the details to the security guard. Make sure your destination is set to 'University of Malta, Msida'.

3) Find 2 or more other students travelling along a similar route and match up with them. Chat to agree on how you will travel. To speed up the process, carpool with friends who you know travel at around the same times (The app freehour helps with that).

4) We’ll automatically reserve a parking spot for you if you do all of the above. Just present your KSU-Greenroads Malta carpooling card to security when parking. Get it from KSU if you still don't have it.

Present this to security when carpooling. If you don't have it, contact KSU office.

If you're stuck or would like a more accurate walkthrough, watch our introductory video here.

P.S. Why are we doing this?

Apart from reducing the serious parking problem at uni, we believe you should be rewarded for your efforts in addressing two bigger national problems - car dependency and traffic.

Traffic on the way to university at 7:30 am.

By carpooling or using other sustainable modes of transportation (think walking, cycling, or using the bus), you'll not only be reducing traffic, but also helping out in the fight against climate change.

Find out more by joining the discussion on the Greenroads Malta facebook page.


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