5 reasons you should carpool this Xmas

It's that time of the year again! To celebrate our first Xmas, we thought we'd write a post about something rather unusual...reasons why anyone should consider carpooling...especially in Xmas!

1) Reduce the traffic jam and frustration

This may be the jolliest time of the year, but the Xmas spirit generally comes at a many people are out and about in their cars, going to Xmas festivities, and especially for Xmas shopping. Unfortunately this leads to traffic, which then leads to frustration. So you can do your part by carpooling.

2) Sharing your Xmas spirit with others...

Don't be a grinch this Xmas. Go on, share your Xmas spirit with others by sharing your ride!

OK maybe you won't need to go this overboard

3) ...and making new friends

Because, what better time of the year than Xmas, right?

4) You'll be able to indulge in that mulled wine

Let's face it. More people tend to indulge in Xmas and that's OK just as long as you're not behind the wheel. So there you go, another reason to consider being a passenger this Xmas.

5) Giving back to the planet

We often talk so much about Xmas being a time for giving. But do we ever stop to consider how we can also be caring towards the lungs of our planet? Carpooling not only reduces traffic, but also reduces carbon emissions which are detrimental to our climate. Now's the time to extend the concept of giving towards the biggest provider of our well being...Planet Earth.

And on that note, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful festive season!


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