5 green mobility resolutions to take on in 2019

It's that time of the year...resolution time!

We'd like to focus on resolutions which are not necessarily meant to just help improve yourself, but ones which additionally contribute positively to the planet's lungs.

We're not going to go through the more common ones common we mean those resolutions related to improving your own life, such as getting fit, having more me time, improving your culinary skills, being more in control of your time, as well as making new friends.

Actually we'll show you how you can achieve all of these as well with our 5 awesome green mobility resolution!

We don't need to emphasize how noisy, congesting and smelly cars can be! It's quite bad to know that 95% of us on the planet breathes polluted air. In fact, besides all the greenhouse gas emitters associated with transportation, air pollution by fossil fuels also kills 4.2 million people every year making it the 4th leading cause of death worldwide.

1) Get biking, and get fit

Get over the laziness, and start riding your bicycle to university or work. We promise it's worth it, and you can make it easier if you invest in an electric pedal assisted bike. Think about'll not only be reducing CO2 emissions, but also saving up on fuel, and getting fit! And don't forget that the Maltese government is still giving subsidies to people interested in getting bicycles or pedelecs.

2) Use public transportation

Most drivers prefer the convenience of driving their own car. But have you ever really considered using a bus? It might not always be practical, but it's definitely worth considering for most itineraries. You'll be making massive fuel savings if you use the Tal-linja card. Not to mention the 'me time' you'll have in the bus to catch up on that book you've been meaning to finish last year!

3) Try tele-working...

This involves working from home rather than from your workplace. So many jobs today are done with simply an internet connection and a computer, and there is no reason they cannot be done from home while simultaneously trying out that Indonesian nasi goreng recipe ;) So if your boss is up for it, go ahead and ask if it's possible. You might be surprised! You'll be saving precious time by avoiding the frustrating traffic, and once again save up on fuel.

4)...or screw the 9-5!

Not only is the 9-5 becoming obsolete in many Western countries, and not only has it proven unhealthy in some cases, but it also pigeonholes you to going to / coming from work during the worst traffic times in a day! Not only limits your freedom and time...time you can use to be flexible instead.

5) Carpool

How could we not mention carpooling given we have a carpooling app ourselves? :) Not only will you be cutting down on fuel costs, but you may also meet some new friends or who knows...maybe you'll meet the love of your life! Get carpooling now by downloading 'breeze'.


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