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Greenroads Malta was formed by individuals who have one common goal. We want to promote a responsible and proactive society that can enjoy clean air with fewer vehicles on our  roads. 
It is the team’s complementary skills, and more importantly the genuine commitment to significantly alleviate the traffic problem in the Maltese Islands, which has contributed to the growth of the solution so far. The team has since then reached the finals of the Social Impacts Awards in 2017, and has been awarded funding twice in a row under EIT Climate-KIC ( RIS Accelerator Programme  ( supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. 

The solutions we are offering intends to act as a catalyst for change in perception and behaviour. Greenroads Malta aims to cater for the needs of our precious environment, by encouraging and rewarding sustainable mobility and reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. The team has received training under the Climate-KIC programme, is being consulted as green mobility pioneers in the Maltese Islands utilising both B2B and B2C approaches, and is participating in events such as Science in the City, Notte Bianca, Kwalità Malta and Gadget.

Greenroads is cooperating with staff from the University of Malta with the prospect of using Maltese traffic flow data to intelligently and constantly optimise traffic flow for the benefit of drivers and non-drivers alike. The infrastructure and knowledge base available at the University of Malta could readily be used to extract more information from this data than at present.

In light of ongoing efforts to improve traffic flow we are seeking to implement a plan to reach this goal by analysing the data collected by local authorities. Our methodology will incorporate a number of approaches, ranging from network analysis to machine learning. 

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We have already gained support from a variety of stakeholders and we are looking to work with a number of organisations and initiatives globally. If you are interested in discussing further please get in touch with us.

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