If you downloaded the testing version of our breeze app, make sure you go through our FAQ. 

Q. What is carpooling and what are its benefits?


A. Carpooling happens when 2 or more car drivers decide to use one car for commuting instead of everyone using their own car. This helps in reducing traffic as well as reducing CO2 emissions.


Q. Why should I carpool?


A. Not only will you be helping ease traffic congestion, but you will also be improving the parking situation.


Q. What do I need to start carpooling?


A. Simply download the ‘breeze’ app on www.greenroadsmalta.com to start carpooling as a regular user. 


Q. What is this ‘breeze’ app?


A. breeze is a carpooling mobile application created by Greenroads Malta. It’s free to use and is designed to facilitate, encourage and reward carpooling among car registered users. It makes carpooling easy by connecting users together based on their routes. The app is currently in testing phase so you’re encouraged to send us any feedback by filling our form here.


Q. OK I downloaded the app. What next?


A. First you need to register, inputting your details such as name, and number plate. You may also wish to input your gender as this would help facilitate the matching process later on.


Q. How do I create a trip and how will the system know I’m a university student?


A. After you register, you may easily create a trip by pressing ‘create trip’. Here you can input your trip details such as point of departure, destination, trip name, planned time and date.


Q. I’ve created my trip. What next?


A. You now need to get matched with carpooling buddies! The system automatically searches for other users who have also created their own trips based on similar routes. Once available, these users will be seen as ‘potential matches’ in your trip. You are free to view potential matches’ route details, user details and can then request to carpool with them, unless they request first of course!

Q. Can I invite or add specific people or friends to carpool?

A. Not at the moment. The app works by matching you with users based on similar routes and destinations.

Q. Do you have any instructional video I can follow?

A. Sure. Check it out here. 

Q. Something's not working right. What should I do?

A. First of all we apologize for any inconvenience. We're still in testing phase and unfortunately things may go wrong. Just send us an email detailing the problem encountered on support@greenroadsmalta.com or fill up our form here.

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